Marketron Orders Rest API (V1)

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Our Order API allows automating the process of generating and updating external linear and digital orders into your Marketron eco-system. Leverage the order API to generate orders from a third-party proposal system to be executed within Marketron. Additionally, bring in and update with actuals all of your digital order types and tactics into Marketron’s Eco-system for consolidated tracking, reporting and invoicing.


Interested in integration or our Order API via GraphQL? Please visit Marketron's Order API GraphQL documentation and playground at


The API version is denoted in the URI. This API's base URI is:


To access Marketron’s Order API you will need to contact in order for us to evaluate your integration needs.


Authenticating with the Marketron Order API requires both a username / password and an API Key that will be provided to you.

In order to call any of the REST or GraphQL end points, you must first retrieve an Authentication Token. This is done by making a GET request to /login. Your request must contain the following items.


Security Scheme Type HTTP
HTTP Authorization Scheme bearer
Bearer format "JWT"


Security Scheme Type API Key
Header parameter name: X-API-Key

Body {

"username": "<your username>",
"password": "<your password>"


Header {

"x-api-key": "<your provided key>",
"content-type": "application/json",
"x-request-id": "<generated request id>"


The generated request id is a unique ID that should be generated for each new API call. This is used by Marketron to keep track of each call. The format for the ID should be UUID V4 e.g. 11bf5b37-e0b8-42e0-8dcf-dc8c4aefc000 You should get a response containing your Authentication Token. This token is should be in all your future request headers.